This page contains materials relating to the Cathie Whitesides 2000 Workshop on Northern Fiddle Tunes for contra dancing.

Recent changes

We played the
Ballard Eagles on January 5. See our tunelist for this event. (12/26/00)

A tunelist, compiled by Cathie from our collective suggestions, was used as the basis for the December dance. (10/17/00)

The pages containing tunes have been reorganized, into separate tunelist and session pages. (10/17/00)

A discussion and install instructions for the abc format and conversion software, to dots and MIDI. Do check this out. If you're local, I can get you a CD-ROM with the links filled in. Send me mail. (11/22/00)

More tunes, including Spootiskerry, Scollay's, Swallowtail. MIDI for all that have dots. Still need to add a bunch more transcriptions. Tempos are arbitrary. (10/19/00)

The tunes whose transcriptions are posted here are all believed to be in the public domain, except as otherwise noted. If you believe otherwise, please let me know. All other materials relating to the course, including the arrangements of these tunes, are copyright 2000 (c) Cathie Whitesides.


Her manifesto describes the agenda for the course.


This section describes the transcription portion of the project. Lists of tunes, with transcriptions and MIDI, are available for the
tunelist for the dance and for other tunes. Generally, transcriptions will be posted as I get to them, with priority to the tunes immediately assigned.

The tunes are available here in various formats:

All tunes transcribed here are believed in the public domain, except as noted. All tunes not in the public domain that are made available here are solely for the use of students in Cathie's workshop. Students in the workshop who want transcriptions of other tunes we've encountered, please send me e-mail. For difficulties in arranging printed copies, please also send mail.

The transcriptions to PostScript and translations to MIDI use the 'abc' format, developed and popularized by Chris Walshaw. The conversion utilities used were written by J.R. Allwright, and are particularly well done, I think. Thank you!

These tunes go through a revision process as I transcribe them (basically, Cathie fixes the mistakes!). Send me mail if you would like to be on an e-mail notification list. Otherwise, you should check back here periodically.


Cathie mentioned various books and groups and recordings. All of the below (except Stuff Smith) are available from the CDSS catalog, and no doubt elsewhere.




Cathie's been teaching people to play dance music for years and years. I first caught on to the treasure of her workshop in 1996, at the Let's Dance weekend. Life hasn't been the same since.
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28 Nov 2000